Brand : 3M Heat Shrink Low Voltage Joint
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Product Description

M Seal heat shrinkable range of LV joints are specifically designed for covering cables in the range of 16 mm2 to 300 mm2 for operating voltages till 1.1 kV.The joints use the heat shrink technology for restoring cable insulation and environmental sealing and the mechanical protection is provided by metallic canisters or by casting polyurethane compound around the joint.The joints provide high electrical insulation values.

LV joints for Polymeric/ PVC cables:The joints for these cables are designed keeping in mind,the need for a reliable,easy to install jointing system which can be spooled and is resistant to aggressive environmental conditions and mechanical abuse. These joints are available in a single kit which can cover a range of cables.

LV joints for PILC cables: The kit comprises of similar components as above. In order to keep the cable impregnation in place and moisture out, the kits are provided with additional oil resistant transparent heat shrink tubes and an adhesive lined heat shrinkable sleeve to restore the lead sheath. For sealing of the cable crutch a adhesive lined break out is also provided.

LV Joints for PILC to Polymeric Cables:The kit for jointing PILC to Polymeric Cables is basically a combination of components as used in the above two types of joints.As there is no need for pouring and curing the cables are ready for use as soon as the joint is prepared.

 These joints can be specifically designed to meet end customer requirements.M Seal heat shrink jointing kits for Low Voltage applications generally include heat shrink tubes for conductors and for the outer sheath of the cable.The tubes are watertight, have adhesive on their inner surface and their technical features equate the insulation and sheath of the cable.The cable joint prepared,is hence similar to the original structure of the cable.The tubes are mechanically strong and UV-resistant. They are of cross-linked polyolefin and are non-corrosive.

  • Reliable and easy to install
  • The joints made are slim and compact
  • High electrical insulation values
  • Complete sealing solution for both PILC and Polymeric cables
  • No moisture ingress
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Robust design ensures sufficient mechanical protection
  • Immediate energization of the line possible
  • Suitable for all shape and conductor types
  • Installation requires no special skills
  • A single kit covers a range of cable sizes
  • Kits can be tailored for specific requirements.

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